Let all things be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40

This page is primarily intended for AV team members

AV Downloadable Documents

Ministry Volunteer Application Form

AV Ministry Vision & Mission 

10 Commandments of Lyrics

10  Commandments of Live Sound

10 Commandments of Live Stream & Video

Step-By-Step Procedures for Mixing Live Sound

Live Video Streaming & Recording Instructions

Playing Music in Sanctuary & Foyer Instructions

Stage Layout

New DMX Stage Light Controller

Audio Red 120v Power Outlets Isolation

Bass Guitar Plug-In Schematic

Behringer x32 Digital Mixer Manual

Behringer x32 Digital Mixer Quick-Start Manual

AV Bulletins

AV Bulletin 2023.01.19

AV Bulletin 2023.02.14

AV Bulletin 2023.02.27

AV Bulletin 2023.03.11

AV Bulletin 2023.03.13

Future Use

Future Use

Future Use

Future Use


Planning Center - Using Block-Out Dates

Future Use

Future Use

X32 Behringer - Save & Load Scenes

P16M - Behringer Personal Monitor

X32 Behringer - Save & Load Presets from Library

Future Use

Future Use

Future Use