The SUNDAY MORNING service (10:00am) for the Children's Ministry presently consists of two classes (2 Year Olds - Kindergarten & 1st - 5th Grade).  For children 2 years old and younger with their mothers, we have a Mother's Room located next to our lobby in the back of the Sanctuary.

Bible Curriculum Used in Children's Ministry

The 2 Year Olds - Kindergarten class use Calvary Curriculum's LITTLE ONES CURRICULUM which is a 52 week journey through key Bible studies.

The 1st - 5th Grade class use Calvary Curriculum's CHILDREN'S CURRICULUM and are presently halfway through a 2 1/2 year journey through THE LIFE OF JESUS.

Philosophy of Children's Ministry

Our goal in the Children's Ministry at Calvary Chapel Temecula is to create experiential disciples of Jesus with the singular purpose of teaching the children what it means to have a personal relationship with Him.

Professor John S. Hart, who was both a minister and professor at Princeton University, said this... (and we agree with it)
“The Sunday-school work is no mere pastime,
no holiday entertainments, but real work,
requiring for its propelling power something more than a love of novelty,
or a love of applause,  or a pleasurable excitement.
To carry us through triumphantly to the end,
to make us persevering and hopeful under discouragements
to give us courage in the face of obstacles and dangers,
to make us tireless in effort, and exhaustless in invention,
ever willing to learn in order that we may teach,
ever ready to try a new method when old methods fail,
and never willing to yield so long as any method remains untried by which we may bring a lost soul back to the fold of Christ –
to do all this we need to feel, as Christ did,
that one soul is really and truly of more value than the whole world beside…
This can only be had in prayer and by the direct outpouring of the Holy Ghost.”
A teaching by Pastor Matt Enterline about The Impact of the Children's Ministry

Interested in Being Apart of the Children's Ministry?

For inquiries about the Children's Ministry please contact Pastor Matt Enterline