Let all things be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40

The Audio/Video (AV) Ministry supports the Musical Worship ministry, Bible Teaching ministry, and other ministries of the fellowship.

- Team members should be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit
- Team members should be willing to receive direction from the Musical Worship Director, the AV director, and other designated leaders
- Team members should support church musicians & singers in making a joyful sound unto the Lord individually and as a collective team
- Team members should support participation of church members in congregational singing
- Team members should aim to eliminate or significantly reduce all distractions resulting from processes and technologies
- Team members should help troubleshoot and solve technical problems
- All potential and current team members should demonstrate and maintain a growing, vibrant personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
- Team members should demonstrate the fruit of Spirit in personal, church, and public settings, and be regular attendees of Calvary Chapel Temecula.
- Team members may serve in one or multiple areas of specialties as gifted, skilled, and/or trained.


1. Audio (sound)
A. The audio team provides audio for live worship music and bible teaching during Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and other events as scheduled.
B. The audio team records live bible teachings during church services and events.
C. The audio team provides post-service/event editing of recorded audio files. Final edited files are uploaded and are shared on podcast websites, the church website, and radio stations.

2. Lyrics & Presentation
The lyrics & presentation team provides visual projection of song lyrics, pastors notes, bible verses, church announcements, and other types of media during live Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and other events as scheduled.

3. Video
A. The video team provides live video streaming and video recording during Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and other events as scheduled.
B. The video team provides video recording during church services and events.
C. The video team provides post-service/event editing and uploading of video files. Final edited video files are uploaded and are shared on the church website and other websites.

4. I.T. (information technology)
A. The I.T. team provides technical support to the teams listed above through the set-up, maintenance, and ongoing user support of hardware and software related to AV.
B. The I.T. team provides assistance with user accounts/credentials, firmware/software updates, internet safety/protection, data storage, backup, and VPN remote access as approved.

5.  Website, Mobile & TV Apps, Graphics, and Social Media
A.  The website, mobile & TV apps, graphics, and social media  team support all ministries of the church.  
B.  The team creates, updates, and publishes public-facing web-based content as approved by church leadership.
Note:   The AV Team posts audio & video files to Social Media sites.  A separate team posts additional content and monitors social media sites.

Revised Date:    2024-03-12

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