Rick & Cindy Johnston - Missionaries to Northern Ireland

Rick and Cindy Johnston have been serving the Lord in Northern Ireland since June 2009.   The call to the mission field was originally to assist in the work of a church in Ballymena - 30 miles northwest of Belfast.  That church closed in Spring 2014 and the Lord led them to start up a new church - Calvary Braid Valley. Initially, they had been able to be deeply involved in the dynamic interdenominational Christian activities occurring in the town known as "the Bible Belt of Ireland".   This involvement continues along with the pastoral duties of leading a church. Rick teaches weekly on Sunday mornings and during mid-week opportunities as well as discipling and ministering to individuals. Cindyl eads Joyful Heart Women's Bible study that reaches beyond the church and into the community.

Prayer requests
  • that the congregation of Calvary Braid Valley will have genuine love for the Lord and for one another
  • that the works of unity among many churches in the Ballymena area will continue and the movement will increase
  • that our outreaches will be fruitful, and activities amongst ourselves will be effective
  • for us to remain in a close walk with Jesus and growing in the word of God; and to enjoy continuing to strengthen our marriage